René Oblak and Andreas Bergmann

The Inventors of the Network Butler

“Can you develop a software that helps people to ACT?” With this simple question and a basic idea of how this software could support the daily business of René Oblak’s VOICE-ACADEMY and many other networkers, the foundation was laid for today’s Network Butler. But at that time neither Andreas Bergmann nor René Oblak had any idea what the consequences would be for their future.

It soon became clear that their ideas and visions would not only lead to the development of this software, but also to the creation of a powerful system that would enable everyone to build professional and personal relationships, become successful, save time and benefit in many other ways.

The soul of the butler

The Network Butler contains the best recipes for success from the crystallized knowledge of the best networkers and sales professionals worldwide. There is not only one key to success, but many keys that are necessary to open the door to success.

The Network Butler is the constant companion for people who value making the most of their lives and cultivating their relationships at the highest level.

To make the shortest way to success possible and to never lose the overview, professional tools are needed, which are provided by the butler.

The home of the Network-Butler

Software made in Austria! In 1999 Andreas Bergmann founded the “Future Factory”. The focus of the company is the development of its own CRM and enterprise resource planning system (ERP), which should set new standards in the areas of individualization and flexibility. In the following years, in addition to successful implementation, the company succeeded in winning important customers who put their trust in the quality of its products.

The company is not only growing in terms of products and product variety, but the number of employees is also increasing from year to year. Andreas Bergmann can also look forward to a growing number of regular customers. The quality of the work and the professional customer service are bearing fruit.

MLM Partner Sales

The Network Butler is the first software worldwide that offers the possibility of network marketing and thus for the first time also the possibility to profit as a partner from sales and turnover.

Network-Butler Academy

The Network-Butler Academy offers a comprehensive training system, both online and offline. Active workshops and trainings offer further possibilities to exploit one’s own potential and to continuously improve oneself.

Competence Center

Our partners are supported by our competence center in building their own business and adapting the Network Butler components. Know-how and experience that help to save important time.

Vorteile des Network-Butlers


Network Butler as a side job

Earn additional money

Network-Butler Business

Seize the opportunity and become a business partner