Side job

Take advantage of the opportunity to

to create an additional income

Earn anything extra?

Would you simply like to earn a few hundred extra per month?

Maybe you don’t need the large fortune of a top leader (this is also possible with the Network-Butler => see Network-Butler Business). An additional income of 500,- to 1000,- per month can make an enormous difference in your own quality of life.

Simply recommend the Network Butler with little expenditure as a side job. No matter whether you have another job, operate other networks or are a pensioner or student: An additional stream of income brings you security!

If you are really committed and also invest time, you will be building up a business in a few months that will enable you to earn a passive income for the rest of your life.

Safety and security

Stumbling blocks: Everyone knows the small stumbling blocks of life with sudden unforeseen expenses. An additional income provides a comfortable buffer that lets you sleep peacefully.

Money at the end of the month: Are you tired of being short of cash at the end of the month? What would 500, – or 1000, – in the month cause here?

Get rid of credit: Finally debt-free! Take this burden off your shoulders!


Pension: Most people have to count on a lower income when leaving the workforce. And what the system will look like in 20 or 30 years’ time is something no one can seriously predict today. An independent, passive income secures your future and makes a carefree retirement possible.

Children: The future of one’s own children is particularly close to one’s heart. Secure their education and a good start into their own professional future.

Imagine earning money while looking after your children, while playing sports in the garden or on holiday. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Holidays, hobbies and comfort

A passive additional income of 500 to 1000 per month can be used for many purposes:

Holiday: You have earned relaxation. And not only 14 days a year. Enjoy foreign countries, new impressions and relaxation from everyday life.

Hobbies: Finally afford all expenses for your favourite hobby.

Shopping: Compare prices when shopping does not have to be. An additional income enables you to buy food that tastes good and is healthy.

Go for a meal: There is a future in which you only have to look at the left side of the menu. The prices on the right are no longer important! Order what you really want!

Can I do it? Who will help me?

A new project naturally raises questions. Can I do that at all? Will someone help me?

YES! Of course, we support you in your development in a variety of ways:
+ Worksheets and videos for learning the right approach
+ Perfect formulations, easy to try out
+ Telephoning together
+ Team meetings for the exchange of experience
+ Network-Butler Academy with practical seminars

Who needs the butler?

All people who need to build customer relationships professionally.

All who work in network marketing or direct sales
Self-employed and entrepreneurs
politicians …

The Butler is ready for worldwide use

The Network Butler is currently available in its native language German and also in English and Polish. If required, the Netwok Butler can learn any language. This opens the door for our partners to do business worldwide.

The Compensation plan

The Network Butler compensation plan offers our partners the opportunity to earn both directly and in the downline.
An exciting hybrid plan offers all possibilities.

A country pool and a world pool are also available as additional incentives. Earn money all over the world!

Special rewards for opening countries and bonuses make the Network Butler an interesting business.

Contact your sponsor for details on the compensation plan.

Teams aufbauen


A successful team is the basis for success in network marketing.

With the Network Butler, professional team building becomes child’s play.

Use the Network-Butler to really get your teams going and at the same time build up a second stream of income.

Nationally and internationally. The Network Butler is available in English, German and Polish and can be translated into other languages.
Who do you know in other countries? Who did you meet on holiday?

Write history

There is always talk about what it would be like to be part of something big at the beginning.

If you had been on Bill Gates’ team, for example, what would it mean to you today?

Now is your chance – don’t miss it!

Something big is emerging! Worldwide!

Take the opportunity now to be part of the international development of the Network Butler and benefit from it.

Secure your future now and build a passive income!

Be in the front and
secure a good position.

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