Save time

Make work easier

Time is the most valuable commodity

Time is limited - we should use it optimally

Each day has only a limited number of working hours available.
Who does not use this time optimally, will not be successful.

What takes too long is often not done at all.

Some activities are important, but are not done because they would cost too much time or because there is not enough time.
Relationship building, learning, reflection are often neglected.

Get in touch quickly and keep the relationship alive

Business is about making contacts, building relationships and “doing business”. That’s a lot of work, of course, and it would be good to have a tool that does the work here.

Without the right tool, a small thing becomes a project.

Sending a message, searching for required data or compiling information can take a lot of time.

Chaotic and unprofessional work

It is frightening how performance is often attempted. Chaos costs time and money. And since time is invested in chaos, there is no improvement.

Unprofessional or ineffective e-mails, texts...

Everyone writes their own text for messages? With all typos and spelling mistakes? With links that are no longer up to date? That can be embarrassing …

The professional solution for successful networking and active team building.

The Network-Butler

The Network Butler helps you build positive relationships and stay in touch. And with as little work as possible.
Because your evenings and weekends should stay free!

The Network-Butler App

The optimal tool for on the go. Build relationships, complete tasks and win new customers always and everywhere.

No more reworking in the evening!

Save time, win customers and new opportunities!

The easy introduction to the Network Butler for team members.

The Back-Office

The professional tool for team leaders.

Manage teams. Define common text modules and professional processes. Supervise the team and monitor progress.

Bring your team to success!

The Network Butler Client

The professional tool for serious work at home or in the office.

Comfortable, Large interface. Powerful functions for special topics such as multiple e-mails, event organization and weekly reflection.

From professionals for professionals.

Details for your success

Text templates

In practice, we send similar messages over and over again:

+ Product information with a link
+ Your own contact details
+ Invitations to information evenings and events
+ Reminders of events
+ Birthday wishes
+ Thank you-notes
+ and much more.

The Network Butler makes it even easier. The whole team can use the same professional text templates. So the appearance is always professional and above all quickly done.

Whether by e-mail, text message or WhatsApp. The message is sent with just a few clicks.


Formal/Informal adaption of text templates

And our text modules have another special feature. They can be adapted not only in the salutation, but in the entire text to whether I am in a formal or informal relationship with the receiver.

For example, “Hey, look at this link” or “Please look at this link”, etc.

Send multiple e-mails

Especially when it comes to giving value to build relationships, interesting links should be sent to multiple people.

This goes with the Network-Butler “in one go” and saves a lot of work.

Business Cards Text Recognition

The business card is still a widely used instrument. Wouldn’t it be practical to read this data with the camera?

And that’s exactly what the Network Butler does. Take pictures instead of typing!

Speech recognition

All remarks and conversation notes can of course be entered on the mobile phone with voice recognition.

Save time and nerves.

Even while driving a car!

Customer feedback

“I save myself an hour or two every day with the Network Butler. It’s really easy now, especially with the text templates.”

-Wolfgang Lechner-

“I am an entrepreneur and can finally take time for my family and friends. In my work as a nursing expert I save up to 4 hours per client, because I can my report on site with  speech recognition, Then copy the text into the expert opinion – save it and you’re done!
I’ve won my life!”

-DGKP Cornelia Pail – CEO at Das Teamwork (Entrepreneur and care expert)-

“I can take care of everything right after every conversation and don’t have to do any more evening work.”

-Kerstin Reinisch-

Save time now and gain time for important topics!

More and more customers want the Network Butler!
More customers, more turnover, more success!

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