Registration to the Network-Butler system is only possible directly through a sponsor.
In this way we can guarantee optimal support and training.

This field will be filled in automatically if you have used the affiliate link of your sponsor. If the field is empty, please ask your sponsor for his sponsor number. Registrations with an invalid sponsor number are invalid and will not be processed.
Enter your license code here if you already have one. The selected products will be added to your existing license. You can find it on your mobile phone in the app in the help menu "Settings" under "License". There should be a 12-digit combination of numbers and letters with 2 hyphens.
I would like to order the following services. The software contract can be terminated in writing with a notice period of 30 days to the end of each quarter. All prices in Euro, net plus VAT.
Basic module „Network-Butler“, per month 29,- net= 34,80 gross
As a business partner, you can receive commissions for recommending the Network Butler to others. Your sponsor can explain the differences between individual packages to you.
The installment payment is a deferral of the immediately due business signup fee. In case of premature cancellation, the instalments are still to be paid in full.
Number of additional workstations for team solutions, per month 19,- net
Code of the event I was at. (Has been announced at the event)
Info for my support voucher
For installation and familiarisation with the system there is help from the "starter coach". For end customers 2 hours, for partner type Country 2 hours, for World 3 hours and for Elite 5 hours. In order to assign the right coach we need some information from you.
The language in which support is to be provided
When is the best time to reach you, when can the coach best work with you? Multiple selection possible! If in doubt, please allow more options!
For current license sales (without services) of partners mediated by me I am entitled to commissions according to the current compensation plan. I'm only entitled to commissions in months when I use the Network Butler myself and paid the monthly software fees. The commission is paid monthly within 21 days of the end of the month. Commissions can be settled with any open invoices.
Bank details for payment of compensations and direct debit authorization
Bonuses and commissions payable according to the compensation plan will be credited directly to your bank account. Invoices are debited. I authorize recurring payments from my account by direct debit. At the same time, I instruct my bank to cash the direct debits drawn into my account. Note: I may request a refund of the charged amount within eight weeks of the debit date. The conditions agreed with my bank apply. In the case of chargebacks, however, high bank charges arise which must be charged to the partner if the contractual relationship is maintained. Creditor: Future Factory GmbH, Eggenberger Allee 30, 8020 Graz. Creditor ID: AT77ZZZ00000037350
Credit Card Authorization
Please click on "Authorize" to enter your credit card details for future payments.
Terms and conditions
I hereby apply to become a Future Factory Distributor and order the above services. I confirm that the above information is accurate and that I have reached the legal age to enter into the contract as defined below. I agree that my personal data as well as all other data relating to the contractual cooperation may be stored and processed and, insofar as this is necessary for the execution of the contractual cooperation, passed on to third service providers. I agree to be informed about new products and services of the company by email and to receive the newsletter with tips & tricks about Network Butler.
I agree that my data will be stored and I agree to receive information from the Network Butler with product information, sales tips and organizational information. My contact details will be forwarded to my sponsor and the starter coach. They are also visible in the back office for my up and down line if I do not turn off the visibility there. This consent may be revoked at any time.