Professional Tools

or cheap tools?

Success with cheap tools?

Many networkers and sellers think they can work efficiently and professionally with Outlook, Excel or their mobile phone directory.

And for most of them there have been no other possibilities.

But now that there is the Network Butler, it pays to think again about this point.

Professional or do-it-yourself?

What many do not notice is that as entrepreneurs in direct sales they have to be professionals in order to be successful.

And which professional relies on free or cheap tools for his daily work?

Take craftsmen: No craftsman who takes his work seriously would even consider for a moment working with a cheap device from a discounter.

Why not? Because he knows exactly that the efficiency and quality of his work with a professional device is so decisively better that the price difference never pays off.

Let’s take a cordless screwdriver as an example:

The device from the discounter: You can screw, you can drill, so actually a great device. And costs almost nothing!

But anyone who has ever worked with a device of this price class will certainly have had the following experiences: The battery has a very limited performance time, charging takes a very long time, overall the power is missing, and with accessories you notice that the bits grind off immediately and no longer grip.

In practice, you throw the cheap device into the corner after a short time because you notice that you cannot work so successfully.

However, this awareness is not yet widespread when it comes to building relationships and selling. Here people think they can save a few euros. But that will be really expensive in the long run!

Lost relationships? Opportunities missed?

The real costs are in reality the very relationships that I CANNOT build, the CHANCES that I am wasting because I am using a free or a cheap tool.

But these lost chances remain invisible, they don’t knock on the door crying, they’re just gone. Silently and secretly. And that’s why most people aren’t even aware of it.

And they miss opportunities every day, don’t build relationships, that’s what makes the big difference between success and failure in weeks, months and years.

That is why it pays off for everyone to buy a professional tool for their relationships. Especially when he is only at the beginning of his career.

And exactly this professional tool is the Network Butler, who helps me to build my relationships, who helps me to pursue my goals, who relieves me of work.

Don’t forget, keep an eye on everything, use time efficiently and thus build a successful network!

Translated with

Unnecessary work that wastes time?

Time is the most important commodity. We cannot increase it, we can only use it efficiently.

And that is why it is important to save as much work and time as possible with good tools.

With the Network Butler, this includes, for example, business card recognition, voice input and, above all, text templates that automatically adapt in the text.

Do you take yourself seriously?

A professional who takes himself seriously, who wants to do his job well and who also has no time to lose, will always rely on a professional tool.

And the same applies to sales.

Excel, Outlook, OneNote etc. are tools that have been developed for special tasks and are not really suitable for networking. Just as our cordless screwdriver is not suitable for the professional craftsman, but only for a layman who perhaps assembles a shelf once a year.

So these are beginner tools that don’t break any screws, but they are even worse:

– Break the relationships!
– Ruin success!
– Destroy the motivation.

Better to use a professional tool, the Network Butler:

+ For good relationships.
+ For goals that are also achieved.
+ For success.

Because the butler has incorporated the best recipes for success and thus leads you to success. Yes, it forces you to become successful!

Because we want YOU to be successful!

The professional tool

The Network-Butler

The Network Butler helps you build positive relationships and stay in touch. And thus increase your sales and success.
And with as little work as possible.

Because your evenings and weekends should remain free!

Now I also want a professional tool for my work!

More and more customers want the Network Butler!
More customers, more turnover, more success!

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