Multiple Streams of Income

Only one network or several networks?

Should I only concentrate on one network or should I have several networks?

One network has the advantage, that you can concentrate optimally and don’t get bogged down.

Some sponsors even go so far as to say that they only work with someone on the condition that they exclusively sell their product.

But on the other hand, everyone who works in direct marketing is an independent entrepreneur. This means they work at their own risk and responsibility.

And you want to build up something long-term, something that will secure a good income even in 10 years and ideally also guarantees a good pension provision.

Let’s consider the risk

There is no point in being successful in the short term if I am faced with nothing again in a few years’ time and have to start all over again.

And of course it is difficult with only one network.

What if this network ceases to exist? A well-known phenomenon in direct sales is that even large networks suddenly disappear.

What if I am excluded from this network due to some small rule violation? Here, too, everyone probably knows stories from acquaintances.

What if the legal situation changes and the products of my network can suddenly no longer be sold? Especially in the health sector it sometimes gets tricky.

In all these cases my income may suddenly collapse from one day to the next.

Or a competitor suddenly appears who has similar products or at least claims them. Then very suddenly a nice piece of sales can break away without us being able to do anything for it ourselves.

And of course that would be catastrophic. We have fixed obligations that we have to fulfil and a certain level of quality of life to which we have become accustomed.

And that’s why we say:

It is strategically very important not to rely on just one main stream of income, but to have several streams of income and thus spread the risk.

Anything else would be negligent if you think about your future.
It’s about the security of your income, about your security!

What would be a good strategy?

That doesn’t mean, of course, building up 10 networks, because there we would have exactly the same problem again, that we divide our concentration and attention too much. Then all the energy is lost in the back and forth and you become untrustworthy.

But a good compromise is to have about three networks that you can manage well and with which you also share this risk. If something happens, you may have lost a third of your income, not 100 percent.
This is certainly unpleasant, but no longer a threat to your existence.

And you have another advantage here:
Not everyone you address may be interested in the products of a particular network.
But you have already invested time and energy in this relationship.
And there might be the possibility to do business with exactly the same person if you have a second or third product in your hand that might be interesting.

And so you can build a business relationship where nothing else would have happened. And perhaps in some time, if you know each other longer, also the first product becomes interesting again for this person. So win-win in every respect.

Three is a good number

So we see on the one hand the risk-sharing, (not to have nothing suddenly) and on the other hand the possibility to use relationships several times. These are the advantages of having multiple networks.

And that’s why we say:

Build up about three networks.

You are probably already in at least one network and the Network Butler is the perfect way to make even better use of existing structures and relationships.

And if you then perhaps have a third leg to stand on, then you really have a stable future.

Make yourself independent, spread your risk and use relationships multiple times.

And nothing stands in the way of your security and your future!

Because we want YOU to be successful!

The professional tool

The Network-Butler

The Network Butler helps you to build positive relationships and stay in touch. And with as little work as possible.

Because your evenings and weekends should remain free!

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