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Build a big business and enjoy passive income?

For many people it is simply an additional income to cover their needs and a beautiful vision for a relaxed life. This is described on the page “Side job” .

But who really wants to take off,looks for a way to earn a passive income and become financially independent.

Imagine earning money while taking care of your children, while doing sports, in the garden or on holiday. Wonderful, isn’t it?

If you get really involved and invest time, in a few months you’ll be building a business that will give you a lifetime of passive income.

Enjoy life! Make yourself independent!

Be there from the very beginning

Have you ever thought that it would be perfect to be there right from the start? When large structures are set up? When whole countries are divided?

The NETWORK-BUTLER offers this unique opportunity right now. Together with our partners, we are building the first network of a software manufacturer.

An exciting topic, incredible opportunities and a huge market.
The “Future Factory GmbH” in the background of the Network Butler is a renowned and successful company that has been active in the software sector for more than 20 years.

Be there when we open up new countries, open up new markets and write history. Become a part of our success and a leading member of this company.

If you’re not there right now, you’ll have to take a back seat!

Who needs the butler?

All people who need to build customer relationships professionally.

Anyone who works in network marketing or direct sales.
Self-employed and entrepreneurs
politicians …

The Butler is ready for worldwide use

The Network Butler is currently available in its native language German and also in English and Polish. If required, the Netwok Butler can learn any language. This opens the door for our partners to do business worldwide.

The Compensation plan

The Network Butler compensation plan offers our partners the opportunity to earn both directly and in the downline.
An exciting hybrid plan offers all possibilities.

A country pool and a world pool are also available as additional incentives. Earn money all over the world!

Special rewards for opening countries and bonuses make the Network Butler an interesting business.

Contact your sponsor for details on the compensation plan.

Build teams

A successful team is the basis for success in network marketing.

With the Network Butler, professional team building becomes child’s play.

Use the Network-Butler to really get your teams going and at the same time build up a second foothold.

Nationally and internationally. The Network Butler is also available in English, German and Polish and can be translated into other languages.
Who do you know in the USA or South America? Who did you meet on holiday?

Unique selling point

Food supplements, jewellery, cosmetics … for almost all of these categories there is a multitude of competitors.

Not so with the Network Butler! The only Software Network!

No competition! And still an enormous market!

Write history

There is always talk about what it would be like to be part of something big at the beginning.

If you had been on Bill Gates’ team, for example, what would it mean to you today?

Now is your chance – don’t miss it!

Something big is emerging! Worldwide!

Can I do it? Who will help me?

A new project naturally raises questions. Can I do that at all? Will someone help me?

YES! Of course, we support you in your development in a variety of ways:
+ Worksheets and videos for learning the right approach
+ Perfect formulations, easy to try out
Telephoning together
+ Team meetings for the exchange of experience
+ Network-Butler Academy with practical seminars

Take the opportunity now to be part of the international development of the Network Butler and benefit from it.

Secure your place in the system now!

Only a few top positions are available!
Apply now for a top position!

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