General data protection regulation









You may be fined!

The basic data protection regulation replaces the old data protection law and stands for the uniform Europe-wide regulation for data protection.
It provides for penalties of up to 4% of worldwide turnover or 20 million euros!

Also binding for sole traders!

The new regulation of data protection law affects all companies in the European Union. And that includes sole traders, the self-employed and small businesses!

Attention with WhatsApp, …!

The use of the mobile phone phonebook and messenger apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram does NOT comply with the DSGVO!

Here an unauthorized data transfer takes place!


GDPR compliant!

The Network Butler meets all requirements of the GDPR.

And without Network Butler you will have a hard time complying with the GDPR…

What you have to keep in mind:

Approval of old contacts

An important principle of the GDPR is that private individuals must consent to the storage of their data. This is particularly the case if these data are also to be used for advertising purposes by telephone, e-mail or by text message.

If you do not have this consent for your existing data (e.g. by double opt-in), then you need a new consent.

The Network Butler offers a simple text template with which this request can be sent.

Approval of new contacts

Consent to data storage can also be given verbally.

Therefore, in the future with each new contact ask:

“Is it okay for you if I save your data so that I can call you in the future or send you something?

Or even better:

Put the Network Butler in the hands of the conversation partner and say: “It’s best to enter your name yourself right away, then no typos will happen”.

The person you are talking to will then certainly be curious and want to know what kind of app it is. The perfect opportunity to sell the Network Butler!

And in case of doubt, the interviewer remembers more easily later that he has given his consent.

And for security – so that the partner remembers himself even better – we use a text template for an e-mail with his own contact data, which also contains the GDPR note.

Mobile and WhatsApp!

Messenger services like Whatsapp and Telegram have a big problem: They have access to your entire mobile phone phonebook and send this data to their own servers.

All contacts! Even contacts who are not logged in to WhatsApp themselves.

This does not correspond to the GDPR! Such a data transfer is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

Good that there is the Butler!
WhatsApp cannot suck away our data!

And still you can call, send texts, send e-mails …!

And if you really need someone in the phone book, for example because it is necessary for WhatsApp, you can simply export this single contact to the phone book.

Acquaint people with each other

When networking, we often have to pass on addresses, for example to introduce two people to each other.

This data transfer will also be problematic in the future.

The Network Butler also helps here.

We use a short text module to obtain our consent for the data to be passed on.

Directly before networking. Only then do we carry out the networking.

Customer feedback

It is important to me that the data of my customers is stored securely and that the legal requirements are met. The Network Butler gives me this security.
-Wolfgang Thell-

With the Network Butler, I can be sure that I meet all legal requirements and can concentrate fully on my work.
-Robert Schwarzinger-

I want to manage my customers with the NETWORK-BUTLER!

More and more customers want the Network Butler!
More customers, more turnover, more success!

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Legal notice!

This website serves Network Butler’s customers as information and is not intended to provide complete information on data protection in the EU nor to provide legal advice or information for your company. We recommend that readers of this page inform themselves about the exact scope of the DSGVO by contacting the relevant state and legal authorities. This page shall help to sensitize the affected persons to the importance and dirnglichkeit of the topic data protection and the data protection basic regulation. Further we inform on this side about backgrounds, expirations and the actual conditions of the Network Butler in connection with the DSVGO. We would also like to point out that this page does not claim to be complete.

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