From chaos to systems! Efficiency for success

Chaos destroys opportunities

How many chances have you missed
because of chaos?

Chaos destroys relationships

Relationships “cool down”, because in chaos, relationships are always cultivated with the same people. How many people in your contact list do you have a real relationship with?

Chaos makes people skeptical

Would you trust a person who makes a chaotic impression? Or would you rather trust someone who works professionally?

Deadlines are not set or not met

Remaining concrete after a conversation or contact is a principle that makes sense.

But if you forget it during the course of the day and in the excitement of the conversation, the next appointment is missed.

What was discussed and what was agreed upon?

In daily business there is a lot of talk and communication on different channels.
The flood of information seems overwhelming and with so many information systems the overview is difficult.

No control over performance and success

Only what is documented can be evaluated.

However often no usable data about the discussions and contacts exist, and an evaluation is done only from the memory and therefore usually incorrect and misleading.

Chaotic and unprofessional work

Each partner is the representative of the business and the company.

If promises are not kept, this prevents success and has a negative impact on the whole company.

The chaos usually begins with the entry of the contact data.

You plan to record the received business cards in the evening, but somehow you never get there.

And until the next weekend you have long forgotten the details of the contact.

Therefore, many only collect business cards, which then wait in a drawer for better days. 90 percent of networker time is so lost!

The professional solution for a tidy office and clear structures.

The Network-Butler

+ Start in the right direction with goals

+ Tasks ensure efficient progress

+ notes are the perfect memory

+ Call suggestions enable consistent relationship building

+ Text templates save time and enable perfect communication

The Network-Butler App

The optimal tool for on the go. Build relationships, complete tasks and win new customers always and everywhere.

No more reworking in the evening!

Save time, win customers and new opportunities!

The easy introduction to the Network Butler for team members.

The Back-Office

The professional tool for team leaders.

Manage teams. Define common text modules and professional processes. Supervise the team and monitor progress.

Bring your team to success!

The Network Butler Client

The professional tool for serious work at home or in the office.

Comfortable, large interface. Powerful functions for special topics such as multiple e-mails, event organization and weekly reflection.

From professionals for professionals.

Details for your success

Your personal goals

An overview of the personal goals you have set yourself. Goals should motivate you to think beyond everyday tasks and to give your work a meaningful direction.

Only by setting ambitious goals and controlling whether you achieve them will you be successful in the long term.

Your tasks

You should always enter tasks in writing. This keeps the mind free for the current work and nothing is forgotten.

You can assign your tasks to your goals and categories.

The Network Butler automatically creates tasks, which should take place some time after an event (follow up). So chances are used efficiently.

Notes and remarks

What is the contact interested in? How can I help him? How important is he and how often do I want to contact him? This data is then automatically stored in the Network Butler database where it remains available.

Notes are the perfect memory!

Call suggestions

The core of every successful network is not a well-filled database with as many addresses as possible.

It is crucial to stay in contact with these people again and again and thus deepen the relationship. This creates trust.

Therefore, you can store with each person how often you want to contact them (contact frequency).

And then the Network Butler will remind you reliably and regularly when a new contact is due again. There is also a list of call suggestions.

Now simply call once or write a short message. “How are you doing? What’s new?”

So no valuable contact, which was built up laboriously, cools down.

Professional text templates

In practice, we send similar messages over and over again:

+ Product information with a link

+ Your own contact details

+ Invitations to information evenings and events

+ Memories of events

+ Birthday wishes

+ Thank you-News

+ and much more.

The Network Butler makes it even easier. Ready-made text templates with correct salutation and even automatic formal/informal adjustment in the middle of the text.

So the presentation is always professional and above all quickly done.

Whether by e-mail, text message or WhatsApp. The message is sent with just a few clicks.

Photo documentation at first contact

You take a picture of the business card with your mobile phone. The Network Butler recognizes the text and you just enter some additional information.

A photo of your conversation partner helps you to remember the conversation better.

Birthdays in your network

You can see all birthdays in your network in the next few days in a clear list.

The perfect opportunity to send a short email and stay in touch!

Customer feedback

“With the Network Butler, I have everything at my fingertips. I know everything important about my customers, business partners, friends and their interests. Create lists without effort and send out many professional mails in a very short time.
Environmentally friendly work by saving kilograms of paper!

-DGKP Cornelia Pail – CEO at Das Teamwork (Entrepreneur)-

“I used to have piles of business cards and Outlook.
It all didn’t work properly and was tedious.

The Network Butler makes it all much easier and faster.”

-Tanja Rappold-

“I used to have piles of business cards and an Excel list. It all didn’t work properly and was tedious.
The Network Butler makes it all much easier and faster.”

“When I think about how many chances I missed earlier because I’m so disorganized! But now everything goes like clockwork.”

-Robert Schwarzinger-

Now with order to success! Use all chances!

More and more customers want the Network Butler!
More customers, more turnover, more success!

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