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Hard facts for team leaders

Inactive partners cost you money

It is a known fact that 80% of people in network-marketing don’t do anything.

This slows donw growth and stops success

No growth without duplication

Successful duplication is necessary for financial freedom.

No success without the right goals

Accomplish your goals with the right tools and strategies

New partners do not ACT and hesitate

Motivation at the beginning is high, but is hard to uphold.

The leader does not see what partners are doing

Success needs time.

For the leader it is much too late to evaluate the diligence and competence of their partners only after new registrations. 

Chaotic and unprofessional work

Each partner represents your business.

When promises are broken success is not possible and the reputation of your whole organisation is damaged.

Unprofessional or ineffective e-mails, text messages ...

Everyone writes their own text for his messages?

With all typos and spelling mistakes? With links that are no longer up to date?

That can be embarrassing …

The professional solution for successful networking and active team building.

The Network-Butler

A team that really puts its foot down provides a reliable, passive income. Suddenly there is momentum and motivation.

What if you only got 30% more out of your team?

Month after month, what would that mean in the long run?

The Network-Butler App

The optimal tool for on the go. Build relationships, complete tasks and win new customers always and everywhere.

No more reworking in the evening!

Save time, win customers and new opportunities!

The easy introduction to the Network Butler for team members.

The Back-Office

The professional tool for team leaders.

Manage teams. Define common text templates and professional processes. Supervise the team and monitor progress.

That is how to bring your team to success!

The Network Butler Client

The professional tool for serious work at home or in the office.

Comfortable, large screen. Powerful functions for special topics such as multiple e-mails, event organization and weekly reflection.

From professionals for professionals.

Details for your success


Goals that are visible daily are stored directly in the app. This keeps motivation high. “Competitions” in the team lead to regular top performances.

All activities (calls, messages …) are automatically monitored by the Network Butler and provide reliable feedback.

Overview of the diligence of the whole team

Who’s busy? Who talks big? And who needs support?

With constantly updated statistics, the leader has an overview of the entire team.
Who sent how many messages? How many appointments have been made? How many conversations have you had? Who has set which goals and who has achieved them?

Perfect processes

Tasks, call suggestions, protocols of conversations and many other tools ensure professional work. Above all, the Network Butler is the perfect tool for organising the consistent tracking of contacts.

The Network Butler reminds you of every contact that should be followed up. So every business opportunity is used optimally. Promises are kept, work is done.

The perfect prerequisite for success.

Professional, common text templates

In practice, we send similar messages over and over again:

+ Product information with a link

+ Your own contact details

+ Invitations to information evenings and events

+ reminders of events

+ Birthday wishes

+ Thank you-notes

+ and much more.

The Network Butler makes it even easier. The whole team can use the same professional text modules. So the appearance is always professional and above all quickly done.

Whether by e-mail, text message or WhatsApp. The message is sent with just a few clicks.

Formal/Informal adaption of text templates

And our text templates have another special feature. They can be adapted not only in the salutation, but in the entire text depending on my  relationship.with the receiver (formal or informal)

For example, “Hey, look at this link” or “Please look at this link”, etc.

Checklists and task collections

Automatically generated tasks after certain events ensure effective processes.

For example, after a message has been sent, a task can be created automatically after x days.

Customer feedback

“Seeing who’s really doing something in my team and who’s just talking big makes it really easier for me to lead. And most of them just take off now.”

-Anton Wieser-

“I’ve always been a team player because I don’t think you can be successful on your own in the long run. With the Butler I coordinate and support my teams in simple steps and save a lot of time. No unnecessary miles, no hours of phone calls, but with a few clicks highly professional and efficient work.

-DGKP Cornelia Pail – CEO at Das Teamwork (entrepreneur) and networker for over 20 years-

“Building teams is a lot of work. I’m really glad the network butler is helping me.”

-Albin Weber-

Build successful teams now and duplicate them effectively!

More and more teams increase their success with the Network-Butler!
Now everyone is taking off!

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