your most important asset

New customers thanks to good relationships

You need good relationships to sell something

We need trust from the customer to sell something

No sale without trust

For trust we need 7-10 POSITIVE contacts

Without always trying to sell!

A pile of business cards is not helpful

Who ist this? What was he interested in?

Getting in touch and creating the basis

To do business it is important to make new contacts and build good relationships.

But it is not easy to find topics additional to your own product. 

If you only try to “sell” people will stop to pick up the phone.

Many contacts and no overview

As long as there are only a few contacts with whom you want to build a relationship, it’s easy.

But with more than 50 contacts it becomes difficult.

How can you avoid losing sight of important contacts?

Too much information to keep in mind.

The more contacts you have, the more difficult it becomes to remember details about individual people.

This can be quite embarrassing.

Recommendations, networks, business with information

Recommendations are often pronounced fast.

But it is difficult to link two contacts.

The solution for successful relationship building and new customers.

The Network-Butler

Successful relationship building and professional relationship and contact management.

+ Punctual reminder – nobody is forgotten.

No relationship will cool down.

+ Clear overview of the interests of the contacts.

+ Good relationship to the contacts by high benefit.

+ Optimal relationship management in an extremely short time.

+ Build relationships and win new customers.

The Network-Butler App

The optimal tool for on the go. Build relationships, complete tasks and win new customers always and everywhere.

No more reworking in the evening!

Save time, win customers and new opportunities!

The easy introduction to the Network Butler for team members.

The Back-Office

The professional tool for team leaders.

Manage teams. Define common text modules and professional processes. Supervise the team and monitor progress.

Bring your team to success!

The Network Butler Client

The professional tool for serious work at home or in the office.

Comfortable, large screen. Powerful features for special topics such as multiple e-mails, event organization, and weekly reflection.

From professionals for professionals.

Details for your success

Call suggestions

The core of every successful network is not a well-filled database with as many addresses as possible.

It is crucial to stay in contact with these people again and again and thus deepen the relationship. This creates trust.

Therefore, you can store with each person how often you want to contact them (contact frequency).

And then the Network Butler will remind you reliably and regularly when a new contact is due again. There is also a list of call suggestions.

Now simply call once, or write a short message. “How are you doing? What’s new?”

So no valuable contact, which was built up laboriously, cools down.


Knowing interests and offering benefits

During the next conversation it is good to remember details of interests. This creates trust.

So we simply record in the keywords what the person is interested in.

This makes regular contact even easier:

A basic principle of networking is “first give, then receive”. You offer benefits and help, and will benefit from it yourself.

One way of doing this is to send interesting material.

Often you will find an interesting article or page while reading or surfing the Internet that could be useful to others. Be it about a health topic, a hobby or something professional.

With the Network Butler you can now easily find everyone who is interested in this topic.

Quickly send a short message – and again bring yourself positive in remembrance!

You collect positive “relationship karma”!

With little effort to success!

What did we talk about last time?

Professional work also means knowing what was discussed when.

That’s why the Network Butler makes it easy to log the contents of conversations. Even with speech recognition in the app.

So you can always see in detail what was discussed and can always refer to it.

And before a new meeting, you have everything you need at your fingertips at a glance.

In the app also on the go!

Acquaint people with each other

When networking, we often have to pass on addresses to introduce two people to each other.

So you can build up two good contacts in one go.

The two of them will remember you positively later and will do you something good!

With the Network Butler this is possible with the push of a button.

You simply select the two contacts and the Network Butler automatically creates the e-mail text with all the necessary contact data. Just one more remark and send it off!

If you can do the whole thing in a few seconds, you will do it all the more often and additionally build up good “sales karma”

Professional text templates

In practice, we send similar messages over and over again:

+ Product information with a link

+ Your own contact details

+ Invitations to information evenings and events

+ Memories of events

+ Birthday wishes

+ Thank you-News

+ and much more.

The Network Butler makes it even easier: ready-made text templates with correct salutation and even automatic adjustment depending on your formal relationship  in the middle of the text.

So your presentation is always professional and, above all, done quickly.

Whether by e-mail, Text message or WhatsApp. The message is sent with just a few clicks.

You can find more information about “Saving work” here …

Your data should belong to you

The people in the Network-Butler are always YOUR contacts and YOUR addresses!

Your contacts are your most important asset!

Even if you change the company or the network, this basis for further success is not lost!

You should not entrust your network to a foreign CRM!
This is how you build YOUR business and remain independent.

Customer feedback

“With the Network Butler it is now much easier for me not to lose sight of valuable contacts.
I was even able to reactivate many old contacts.”

-Wolfgang Thell-

“In my many years as an entrepreneur, I know how important and valuable relationships can be.

Without good relationships, I would have to invest a lot of money in advertising and have much fewer customers. Now I’m being recommended and getting new customers every day.

With the Network Butler, it’s really easy and saves a lot of time.”

-DGKP Cornelia Pail – CEO at Das Teamwork (Entrepreneur and care expert)-

Get new customers with perfect relationships now!

More and more customers want the Network Butler!
More customers, more turnover, more success!

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