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Success is no coincidence

A lot of work and yet not successful?

There are many who put a lot of work and time into projects and yet are not successful.

Of course there is always a bit of luck involved, but there is a clear cause for many of them: they use the wrong methods and tools.

Exact target planning is the foundation for success

When you set a goal, there’s a lot to do. You should act immediately. Plan everything you need to achieve your goal and, of course, set all the figures, data and facts in addition to the tasks and deadlines.

But how???

On the way to the goal you meet the work

There is much to do to be successful and achieve your goals.

But when it gets difficult, motivation drops and you are no longer sure, the goal is put to a hard test.

Here a motivating partner could help well.

Ongoing monitoring of goals, successes and failures

A goal can be noted down, but what about the ongoing performance review?

How is the data collected, how is it evaluated as simply as possible?

The way to the goal is full of knowledge and teachings.

Every single day you work towards a goal, you learn how something works or doesn’t work.

You gain experience and could derive and learn a lot from this pool of knowledge and practice.

The professional solution for success:

The Network-Butler

Managing addresses is now over.

The Network-Butler App

The optimal tool for on the go. Build relationships, complete tasks and win new customers always and everywhere.

No more reworking in the evening!

Save time, win customers and new opportunities!

The easy introduction to the Network Butler for team members.

The Back-Office

The professional tool for team leaders.

Manage teams. Define common text modules and professional processes. Supervise the team and monitor progress.

Bring your team to success!

The Network Butler Client

The professional tool for serious work at home or in the office.

Comfortable, large interface. Powerful functions for special topics such as multiple e-mails, event organization and weekly reflection.

From professionals for professionals.

Details for your success

Honestly being interested in others

Nobody wants to be bombarded with offers to sell. But we want honest relationships with mutual interest.

The network butler makes me store keywords and interests to my contacts.

And if I know that I should enter these details after the conversation, then I will conduct the conversation in such a way that I know something about my conversation partner at the end.

And already the conversation is going very differently! With honest interest. With open questions. Your conversation partners will be enthusiastic about you!

Good relations make the sale possible

Relationships are the basis for every sale. To sell something, we need trust. And to build that trust, we need an average of more than 7 positive contacts.

And the Network Butler reminds me to build these relationships with individuals.

So the sale comes easily.

Give first, then receive

What goes out, comes back!

The “law of reciprocity” states that we automatically feel obliged to give back to others what we have received from them.

Successful sellers apply this law in a targeted manner.
With the Network Butler you can easily apply this law:

In the “Interests” field, note what your contacts are interested in. (Running, slimming, football, cars …)

2. if you find an interesting page or a link, just send this content to the people who are interested in this topic.

Directly from the Network Butler. As e-mail, text message or WhatsApp message.

So you can easily create real benefits and build “relationship karma”.

Set and pursue goals.

He who does not know the goal will not find the way.

Goals help to take the right path and they also offer a high level of motivation. But only if these goals do not disappear in a drawer, but are lived.

In the Network Butler I can simply record my goals and am reminded of them on a daily basis.

Figures, data, facts

Only what is measured can be improved. Without details you are flying blind. “We get what we measure” is an important principle.

Without diligence, networking will not succeed. Only those who work hard during the day will get rich overnight.

That’s why the Network Butler automatically collects important statistics about your diligence. The number of your calls, the number of messages sent, the number of your appointments, etc. And this is linked to the goals, so that you know immediately where you stand.

Write it down!

Write it all down! People often think, “I’ll remember that for sure”. But the next day or after a week everything has disappeared from your memory. So important things remain unfinished.

And to know what I have discussed with whom and when is a sign of professional work.

The Network Butler helps in both areas. Everything you have to do you record in the tasks and thus have everything in view. And you log the contents of your conversations immediately afterwards. So you can fall back on it even months or years later.

Out of sight, out of mind

is a well-known saying. Keep what is important visible. This is the way it is with most people with their goals. They are set at the beginning of the year or in a seminar, but then disappear into a drawer and are not lived. No wonder that in the end these goals will not be achieved!

Therefore the network Butler reminds you each day of these goals. In this way you will become aware again every day and they can be successfully implemented.

Customer feedback

“Since I started working with the Network Butler, I’ve almost doubled my revenue and activated over 40% of the inactive downline in my network. They can now work simply, but highly professionally and do it very easily. It really couldn’t be simpler”.

-DGKP Cornelia Pail – CEO at Das Teamwork (Entrepreneur)-

“My personal success coach. Wow!”

-Roswitha Unterwieser-

Become successful and take off now!

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